5 Amazing Uses of a Culinary Torch In Kitchen

Culinary torch or kitchen torch is one of the best appliances that help to add several flavors to your dishes. When you are using a kitchen torch, make sure you don’t keep any plastics or flammable items near to the workplace of your torch. Take care of your clothes and avoid the torch from getting contact with the clothes. With safety precautions, you should use the culinary torch to prepare the best food items. Here will discuss the five amazing uses of a culinary torch in detail:

Toast Oatmeal Toppings:

Prepare your oats and add some of your best toppings such as fruits or vegetables along with cocoa powder and cinnamon. Now torch the toppings which will add a rich and delicious flavor to your oatmeal.  If you like the sweet taste, then you can add a top of the oatmeal with vanilla extract and bananas and then garnish them with honey. Now, you can caramelize the toppings using the best kitchen torch.

Crisp your Dinner Protein:

You can also roast or crisp the lamb or prime rib or beef by using the culinary torch before you are cooking them in the oven. You can try the same for fish dishes. Salmon is one of the fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids for which you can use some grilled asparagus in turkey bacon and then turn on the flame to get a crisp fish or meat.


You can add some extra flavor to drinks and smoke up the glass using a culinary torch. Grilled Pineapple Lemonade is one such cocktail prepared using a kitchen torch. Grill or use torch to burn some of the slices of pineapple and then set aside to cool. Now prepare the mix of lemon and pineapple juice and then finally mix with sugar mixture and stir properly to serve over ice.

DIY Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes:

You can roast the peppers and tomatoes using the Kitchen torch. You will get a nice flavor of such roasted peppers or tomatoes when you use a culinary torch than an oven. Such vegetables you can use it in a sandwich. Also using a culinary torch will get the pink color of veggies from the red-colored fruits and veggies. Such grilled peppers and tomatoes will help to fight the fat.

Brown Breadcrumbs:

In general, most of the salad dishes or soaps are served with crispy breadcrumbs. Such breadcrumbs can be roasted using a culinary torch and then served with your salad to add some extra taste. You don’t have to wait to crisp your breadcrumbs using the traditional method of grilling rather than using the kitchen torch. Make sure you are roasting the breadcrumbs until it will change to the golden color of crumbs.

All the above-mentioned uses of the culinary torch will help the home-makers to prepare the delicious and mouth-watering food dishes, desserts or salads.