5 Reasons you need a Pizza Stone in your kitchen

A Pizza stone is a key tool in cooking a perfect pizza. These stones hold and conduct heat, that maintains the temperature of the oven stable even in a case of a cold ingredient is kept on it like an uncooked pizza. This results in even cooking and also permits the pizza crust to be cooked properly and crisp. A pizza stone works on more than pizzas. It is important to heat the pizza stone along with the oven.

Below are listed 5 primary reasons you need a Pizza stone in your kitchen

Vegetables and Roots– When veggies and roots are cooked using a pizza stone; they come out perfectly blended between grilling and pan roasting with obtaining char than pan-roasting but not more than as in grilling. This way, they come out very tasty. The veggies and roots can be cooked on a pizza stone just like you would in a baking sheet or pan. However, it is essential to ensure that the temperature of the pizza stone attains a certain temperature before placing the roots or veggies. You will be surprised to know that an entire meal can be cooked on a pizza stone.

Whole Chicken– Whole chicken can be roasted on a pizza stone. One can obtain a perfect and crisp skin by just trussing the chicken and seasoning it in an oven and then placing it on the right pizza stone that is already heated. Let it remain on the stone for 45-60 minutes.

Bread– A pizza stone is essential in baking the bread as compared to making a pizza. A loaf of bread is huge, and a pizza stone can largely make an impact on it by even baking making the crust crunchy and thick. Bagels, rolls, ciabatta, etc., may not need a signature crunch, but bread surely will.

Reheating and Preheating Foods– Pizza stone need consistent heat for which it has to retain heat for warming foods reliably. So heat the pizza stone in the oven on 180 deg F and then throw the bread or mashed potatoes or tortillas and so on to heat them.

Giant Cookie- Baked goods can be cooked on pizza stone endlessly. One can easily make a big cookie by spreading the cookie dough after heating the pizza stone in an oven.

It is essential to note that people think that greasy food cooking on a pizza stone can ruin and damage pizza stones. However, it is not true. Once the pizza stone cools down, make use of a spatula or a dough scraper to scrape the left off and stuck food bits. After this rinse, the stone and scrub without any use of soap. Proper cleaning of pizza stone will retain it longer and give better results in cooking with it.

A pizza stone can offer more than just cooking pizza. But, it gives a perfectly even cooked pizza with a crispy crust. The more you use the pizza stone, the delicious the pizza and other foods cooked on it gets. These are enough reasons to get one pizza stone in your kitchen to cook delicious pizza and other foods.