Basics you should know about the machete

Basics you should know about the machete

A machete is a tool that is becoming quite popular in America and Europe. Generally, it is lighter than a hatchet or an axe. It is widely used in agriculture, but nowadays, it has become a great camping accessory.

From its background to uses, this article will update you about everything you need to know of machetes.


Though this is a widely used tool, there is really no clear story for its origin. The machete likely evolved from several existing knife designs. It has been around since the 16th century.

The original concept of the machete is likely an inspiration from the falchion and billhook. The falchion is a 13th-century medieval short sword and billhook was mainly for agriculture. So, if you mix the crossguard from falchion and apply the cutting qualities of the billhook, you get a hybrid called a machete.

Uses of the machete

  • Clearing paths

In this area, the machete can outperform almost every other blade out there. Due to its lightweight and broad cutting ability, it is the best bushwhacking tool. This tool is a great help if you travel through dense forests because it can accelerate the journey. It removes the bushes, thorns, and vines, which can obstruct your way. Also, you can clear a campsite with this tool.

  • Cuts firewood

You can stop lugging an axe or a hatchet because machete can do their job. With the machete properly sharpened, it will be powerful enough to split logs and cut small trees down.

  • Chopping food

A machete is capable of slicing vegetable into small pieces. It can even split open coconuts and other fruits.

  • Fends off wild animals

The truth is that no matter how cautious you are, the world of outdoors is full of uncertainties. So, to fight a rattlesnake or hungry lion, a machete comes handy.

  • Fishing

One of the great tools for fishing is the machete. For an undiscovered fishing hole, it can help you to blaze a trail. Also, it clears out the branches which can snag the line. Also, you can gut your fish with this tool.

  • Cuts large meat

For slaughtering wild game, a machete is an excellent tool. With this, you can break the carcass of any large animal into small pieces for use.

  • Shaving

Many people do shaving using a machete. All you need is a load of shaving cream and your hand steady for the job.

In conclusion

If you are a beginner and have no idea of what a machete is, this article will give a basic idea about it. Someone new to machete can get confused about this. Also, following the safety protocols is mandatory. Otherwise, negligence of safety will give of accidents.

But the best machete is a tool that has been around for a long time. This versatile tool is easy to use and maintain. For any outdoor activity, all you need is the machete.