Gas Stove Vs Induction Cooktop: Which is better?

Induction cooking is the newest method of cooking which is challenging the dominance of gas stove cooking. Both gas stoves and induction cooktops have their advantages and disadvantages. Comparing the two helps in making a decision as per individual choices.

These are some of the major points on which induction and gas cooktops can be compared.

Cooking method

In case of a gas stove, a ring of flames is produced as soon as the gas emanating from the burner is ignited by a spark from the gas lighter. Cooking is started instantly without any waiting period.

In case of induction cooking, the molecules at the base of the cooking utensil are agitated by the magnetic field generated by the induction cooktop, thereby heating it.

Temperature control

In case of a gas stove, the temperature is controlled by lowering or intensifying the flame through the knob. The flame acts as a visual guide about the heat being produced. Adjusting the flames according to the heat required is preferred by many professional chefs. The knobs present on a gas cooktop are very easy to operate.

In case of an induction cooktop, the cooking temperature is controlled through touch control buttons. The temperature is displayed digitally and you can easily set the required temperature through the buttons. However, unlike a gas stove, it takes some time for the induction cooktop to reach the set temperature. There is also no flame to guide you and you must depend upon the display to know the temperature.


Gas stove heats instantly once switched on and cooks very fast. There is no need to wait for the stove to warm. Once it is on, you can start cooking immediately.

Induction cooktop on reaching the set temperature, cooks extremely fast. In fact, it is faster than gas stove. Thus, it does not take much time to cook and also uses less energy.


Any kind of cooking vessel can be used to cook on a gas stove. There is no restriction regarding the type of vessel to be used for gas stove cooking.

In case of induction cooking, only vessels made of magnetic materials can be used. Thus, if you switch over to induction cooking, you have to purchase special induction cookware.


Gas stove costs less as compared to induction cooktop. Apart from the induction cooktop unit, you also need to spend on the special induction vessels which increases the overall cost. In my opinion, I would suggest to choose a good 3 burner gas stoves in India rather than other model.