How much does it cost to run a tower fan?

How much does it cost to run a tower fan?

Summers are blissful and refreshing for some people. However, some have a hard time in the scorching heat of summers. Many feel tired and exhausted in the summer seasons. In these situations, a breeze of fresh air can help you get rid of any discomfort. If you want cool and chill air in summers then purchasing a tower fan is a perfect idea. If you want to purchase a tower fan then here you can know about the costs to run a tower fan.

The uses of tower fans

A tower fan is a tall standing appliance that helps to circulate cool air. This fan is capable of providing airflow in all the directions. Even though it doesn’t provide cool air like an air conditioner, the fresh air circulated by this fan makes you feel cool and relaxed. This appliance is very energy efficient as it can reduce your utility bill. A tower fan is easy to operate; it is lightweight and portable. It occupies only minimum space, and you can fit this fan in any compact areas.

The important costs to consider

When buying any essential appliance, it is important to consider the main costs incurred by it. You may wonder which tower fan model can save money. Also, you may think about whether it is cost-efficient or not. Some may even think other operating costs of this appliance. If you are very concerned about the cost, then this cost evaluation of tower fan will be a great help.

  1. The energy usage

The mechanism of a tower fan is very simple. The fan releases fresh air and provides good airflow and ventilation. As the fan does not come with the cooling technology, the energy consumed is very less. An air cooler needs more power to convert the hot air into cool air. But, a tower fan drags the cool air in the atmosphere to create fresh air. So, the tower fan uses half the amount of energy used by other conditioning units. The air cooler can consume 3.5-watt power per hour. But, the tower fans only require 2.4-watt power per hour. Therefore, it can be said that tower fans consume less energy.

  1. The initial cost

The upfront or initial cost of tower fans is far less than other appliances. Also, the brand you choose can decide the price of the fan. There are both pricey and affordable tower fans available in the market. On the whole, the tower fans are considered as the most economical fans.

  1. The running cost

The electricity bill of using tower fan may differ due to its setting. A fan regularly used at high speed can cost you more electricity bill. However, Tower fans used regularly on normal setting can reduce your electricity bill. The running cost solely depends on usage and setting. However, an overall basis, these fans use less energy and power that reduce your utility bill. These are the most cost-efficient and effective fan available in the market.


The tower fans are one of the most commonly used appliances in every household. The running costs of tower fans are very low, that makes purchasing this appliance a good investment.