How to choose the right-hand mixer

Hand mixers have been one of the essential kitchen appliances for every home. Many people have a misconception that stand mixers are better than hand mixers. But that’s not true at all. For some mixing, a hand mixer does better than a stand mixer. Hand mixer provides you an amazing mixing experience every time. Better service, several mixing settings, multiple speed levels make a hand mixer far better than a stand mixer.

Choosing the right-hand mixer for your kitchen is not at all an easy job to do. Same as the other appliances, there are several models and brands in the market that provide unique features and facilities. All the brands try to make the best version of a hand mixer, and there is a high competition in the market of hand mixers. Hence, you need to consider a number of factors that will help you determine the right-hand mixer for yourself.

Things to check to get the right-hand mixer


Size is the main factor while choosing it. If you have limited space in your kitchen and you’re supposed to fit the machine into that space, choose a smaller one. There are hand mixers of different sizes in the market. It’s all up to you which one you choose to buy. Consider the space of your kitchen and select the proper size that will fit into the dedicated space.

The base

The base of a hand mixer is another thing of consideration. It should be of medium size. If the base is too small, then the mixer is supposed to topple repeatedly. That is an annoying and frustrating thing while you’re trying to do mixing. So, make sure that your hand mixer must have a base that is of medium size. The base provides support and stability to the machine. You can’t avoid checking the base size to get the best machine.

The shape of the beaters

This is another thing that determines the function of the machine. Know your mixing requirements properly. Once you know what kind of mixing to do, you can choose a particular model. It’s better for you if the beaters are a little bit twisted. Then the machine can beat the ingredients more accurately.


Weight is another factor that is a point of concern. Usually, a hand mixer is the best when it is lightweight. You can carry light and portable hand mixers everywhere. Heavy machines are only for home uses. If you go for outing and picnics with your family frequently, a lightweight hand mixer must be your option.


Price is definitely the most important consideration factor while buying a hand mixer. You can get hand mixers of different price ranges in the market. You have to check your budget, and then you have a look for the model that can serve you better and fits in your budget too.

These are the most important factors that you must consider before choosing a hand mixer for yourself. It’s better for you if you get all the facilities and the factors within your budget.