How to Choose the Right Paella Pan

How to Choose the Right Paella Pan

Are you wondering what could be the right paella pan for you? Well, when you see them with so many designs, it can be confusing. On the other hand, the dealer would try to dump all of them to make their day.

Choosing the Paella Pan according to your needs

Before you make a final decision on choosing the paella pan, you need to decide the size that you need for your personal needs or business requirement.  After making all the estimations, you can pick the paella pan, which works well with your cooktop. The Paella Pan is available in the following sizes.

Size in inches Size in centimeters Servings
14 36 2 to 4
15 28 3 to 5
16 40 4 to 6
18 45 5 to 8
22 55 7 to 12
24 60 12 to 20
26 65 14 to 22
28 70 16 to 25

The 14 to 16 inches paella pan is the standard choice among many, which makes them accessible, as most of the families comprise four members. If your focus is on serving four people, you can opt for a 14, 15, or 16-inch pan. The 16-inch paella pan is for those who want to carry over the food for the next day. If you are serving the crowd at the party or for commercial purposes, you can consider the big size. You only need to ensure that the paella pan that you buy should fit your stove or the cooktop.

Types of paella pan with the sizes

The paella pans are available in different sizes and materials. But it is ultimately, your personal or professional preference & the properties. The different types of paella pan materials are:

  • Carbon Steel – is Spain’s traditional make, having three types of highest thermal conductivity, which makes the heating even & quicker. They function like those of iron skillets and need seasoning while using it for the first time, and more maintenance, after you finish cooking. If you are looking for the restaurant-grade, you can go for a 16-inch carbon steel paella pan.
  • Enameled Steel – Is one of the most popular pans as they don’t rust. The enameled steel paella pan has a coat of carbon steel pan, layered with a thin layer of enamel. Thermal conductivity is the primary concern; however, it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, you need to take the utmost care to ensure that enamel is intact, as it will rust once the coating is lost. For commercial purposes, the 16-inch pan is the right choice.
  • Stainless Steel – Has also attained tremendous popularity, as there is no chance for the stainless steel to get chipped. The stainless steel comprises a shiny surface, which enhances your prestige to serve on the table and hang in your kitchen. Coming to the stainless steel’s thermal conductivity, it is about one-third of a carbon steel paella pan. So, if you use stainless steel for cooking, it will take some of your additional time & effort. The smaller size is available in 16 inches; you can get the larger one is 18 inches.


The right paella pan is the one, which fits your cooktop or stove. Quality, requirements, and budget are also essential.