How to Clean Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs offer a wonderful way to bring the organic feel right inside your house. Combining intricate patterns and warm tones, these rugs set the pace for some of the most amazing designs. Crafted from jute, sisal, seagrass, or wool, natural carpets can easily enhance the aesthetics of the place these are placed in. However, since these carpets are made up of natural fibers, their cleaning procedure is not the same as that of the synthetic floor covers.

You may use the following tips to clean your natural rug and keep it in its pristine condition for a long time to come.

Step 1: Vacuuming

Being the simplest and yet regular vacuuming remains one of the most overlooked steps in the cleaning of natural fiber rugs. Ideally, vacuuming should be part of your routine as it is the best way to take off dust, debris, and any loose and dry particles from your carpet.

Skipping this step could make the dirt getting lodged deep inside the natural fibers, making the rug look dull, making the cleaning process hard to achieve.

Step 2: Stain removalĀ 

The most important thing that you must bear in mind about natural rugs is that they do not hold too well against moisture. Hence, unlike synthetic rugs, you can’t use the regular soap and water combination for removing stains.

To take care of the blotches left behind even after vacuuming, require special cleansing to achieve the desired results.

Start with making a cleaning solution- Combine one teaspoon of vinegar and detergent both and then add two-quarters of lukewarm water to it. Use a clean cloth and dip into the solution, remove the excess and then rub it against the stained area on the carpet. Repeat the step until the stain is completely lifted.

Step 3: Drying the rug

Natural fibers are susceptible to massive damage if they happen to catch the moisture and not dried properly. As a consequence, the rug could get distorted while the corners began to curl. Needless to say, proper drying of natural fiber is one of the most crucial steps in the natural rug cleaning process.

One of the easiest ways to go about it is roll up your rug inside a dry towel. This will soak up all the excess moisture, which could have damaged it. Repeat this step until you are totally satisfied with the result.

In some cases, steam cleaners are also used for cleansing and drying of the natural rugs, however, you’ll need to take extra care while using this method, especially if the rug in question is made up of wool. In case of hard stains and extensive cleaning, get in touch with the experts.

Natural rugs are known to retain their strength and beauty when they are properly taken care of. By following these simple steps, you could ensure that these beautiful floor covers continue to adorn your homes for a long time to come.