How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

Many of us depend on the washing machine to wash the clothes. It makes our life easier by washing from gentle cloths to hard clothes like jeans, curtains, and bedsheets. For an efficient washing and extended life of washing machines, regular care and maintenance are required.

Useful tips to take care of washing machine

The following are the instructions to care for your washing machine for prolonged life.

After wash maintenance

  • After every wash, keep the door of the washing machine open for some time. It lets the machine to dry out the moisture and prevent germs from breeding.
  • Do not overload: Do not place heavy carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine. The pressure of washing causes internal damage to the machine motor.
  • Do not run with repair: Do not run the washing machine when there is noise or any decline in performance. This may lead to significant problems and add more repair costs.
  • Do not use more detergent: Using more detergent to clothes may damage the clothes, machine motor and also the water pipes. Therefore, use less detergent for a small number of clothes.
  • Use gently: Use your machine gently. For knobs, do not pressure more or turn in the wrong direction.
  • Understand washing machine settings: Select the required setting to protect your clothes and machine from damage. You should choose a normal wash for baby clothes or gentle clothes. Select a strong wash for greasy and hard clothes.
  • Do not overload : Overloading the machine damages the motor and results in poor spinning. If required to wash in heavy load, select the heavy load washing option in your machine.
  • Remove the rust formation: If you see the clothes that you have washed contain reddish or orange marks, they are because of the rust. Check your tub/drum for the rust. You can find the rust particles in either drum or in the water pipe.
  • Clean the lint filter frequently: In a fully automatic washing machine, there is an in-built dryer. You must clean the lint filter from the dryer after every wash. If you don’t clean the filter, the lint gets blocked, and air-flow can be restricted. This causes overheating of the dryer.
  • Tub cleaning: Clean your machine with manufacturer’s recommended cleaning agent. Do a tub cleaning once every two or three months to keep your machine lifespan longer.
  • Clean the rubber gasket: Whenever you open the washing machine door to load clothes, some micro dust particles get stuck in the rubber gasket. The detergent also leaves some residues on the gasket. Therefore, clean the rubber gasket once a week with a damp cloth.
  • Ensure your machine in a stable position: Always keep your machine on an equal surface. Keeping the machine in an unbalanced position will result in internal damage.

Washing machines need proper maintenance to serve you for a longer period. Keep your machine clean from rust and avoid using more detergent and keep your machine and clothes safe.