How to Use Dishwasher Detergent Properly

How to Use Dishwasher Detergent Properly

Dishwashing detergents make the vessel cleaning task very easy. Many may have a sink full of vessels to wash but with dishwashing detergent, everything can be completely cleaned as the detergent has ingredients to ensure total cleanliness.

The dishwashing detergent is available in different forms. However, every detergent is concentrated to clean any type of tough grease and dirt found on the dishes. The washer not only removes stains but it also leaves a fresh and pleasant smell in the utensil. Many may have difficulty properly using the dishwashing detergent so this article will be of great help. Let’s see how a dishwashing detergent works and how to use it properly.

How does a dishwashing detergent work?

The working process of these dishwashing detergents is fascinating. The detergent contains two important elements that are hydrophilic and hydrophobic. Hydrophilic element loves water but the hydrophobic element is a complete opposite. The hydrophobic element makes sure to stay away from water so it sticks to the dirt. The hydrophilic element, on the other hand, gets along with the water. This process washes away every kind of grease and dirt through water.

The two common ways to use the washing detergent are as follows

  • Dilution of dishwashing detergent

If it is a liquid washing detergent then dilute a few drops of liquid to a bowl of water. This can help you to wash a pile of vessels in the sink. If you add more drops of liquid washing detergent then more foam will be created and consumes more water.

  • The neat method

The neat method suggests directly putting drops of liquid washing detergent into the sponge. Every now and then put a few drops in the sponge for washing the utensils neatly.

The washing process with dish detergent 

  1. Soaking 

The first step is to remove any leftovers from the plates and clean the remaining with a rubber spatula. Now soak all the utensils with heavy grease in the sink. If the vessel has tough stains add drops of liquid detergent and soak it in the water. To clean invisible germs soak the utensils in hot water and pour liquid detergent. This can be soaked up for 15 to 30 minutes.

  1. Washing 

Now you can pour one or two drops of detergent in the scrub and slowly start scrubbing. You can start washing glass utensils, then plates, serving vessels and lastly wash the cookware. While washing handles, bottoms and every part of each item make sure it is properly washed. Change the dishwashing detergent when there is no foam in the sponge.

  1. Rinsing 

After washing, the rinsing of utensils should be done with cold water. Dunking the utensils in a bowl of cold water will help you save water. Otherwise, you can also wash the dishes with running tap water. Ensure that all the foam, oil and grease are completely gone.

The above steps to use dishwashing detergent will leave your washed utensils to sparkle. So follow them exactly for a neat and clean washing.