Induction Cooktop Do’s and Don’ts

Induction Cooktop Do’s and Don’ts

Food is the thing which anyone needs to prepare, and to make it easy, an induction cooktop has been invented. After this invention, it has become much easier to prepare the food without any hassles. The food is cooked quickly, and the food rarely gets spoiled on it. It does not emit any flames and is more durable as compared to traditional gas stoves. There are various features which are there in the Induction cooktop and by using it carefully can make it more fun to work on it–

Do’s of Induction Cooktop

  • Cookware – It is best to use the cookware, which is specially designed for the Induction cooktop. The cookware should have the flat surface at the bottom, which helps in easy spreading of heat as the cooktop is flat and heat comes through the flat surface. So, if any other cookware is being used on this, then there will not be full utilization of heat, or if the round-shaped utensils are used, then it will not stay on that surface.
  • Cutting – It is advised to do all the cutting before starting the Induction cooktop. Due to its high heat capability, its utensils get heated quickly. In case, it is being made before the cutting, then the time taken to do the cutting would waste the energy. If every time it is being started before cutting or for a longer duration, then it would soon get into non-working conditions.
  • Set menu – In the Induction cooktop, many of the dishes are prefixed. If the dish being made on it is already prefixed, then it is best just to press the button and wait for it to cook properly. After the mentioned duration, the cookware could be removed properly. There is no need to set the timer on our own for those dishes as it could spoil the dishes.

Don’ts of Induction Cooktop

  • Pre-Heating – As in a traditional gas stove, there is a time when the utensils are required to be preheated before putting the food items to cook. But in this, there is no need to preheat the utensils. Even at times, the oven is also required to be preheated before putting the food items into it for preparing the food. There is no need to preheat the Induction cooktop before putting the stuff on it.
  • Go away – If anything is there on the Induction cooktop, then it would be not very easy for the user to go far from it. Especially in the case when the flame has been increased to a high level, then it would be difficult to move anywhere from there. As the flame of the Induction Cooktop is not there, but a level of heat is too much into it.

The Induction Cooktop is safe to use, and not much of an accident has been there with the use of it. This makes it a better option for use as compared to the traditional cooktop. If care has been taken in a proper way, then it would make the cooking much easier and has a long life.