Is Induction Cooking Safe for Health?

Is Induction Cooking Safe for Health?

As many of us know, there is a magnetic influx used in induction cooktops to heat the pans and other cookware. As soon as you turn your induction cooktop on, the copper coil in it passes along the sufficient magnetic field. However, heat is not passed directly. This is why you would often notice the pan not getting hot when you put your hand on it after keeping it turned on that too for a long time.

The heat will only reach the pan or other induction cookware when you put them on the surface of the induction. Today, we shall know whether induction cooking is safe for our health or not below –

Induction Cooktop

The thing with the magnetic exposure

When we are discussing an induction cooktop, we should surely be considering everything about its working and using magnetic exposure for it. You must know that even when the heat is not getting generated on the induction’s surface, it is still running on the electromagnetic field. Therefore, if you leave it on without the cookware on, it is bound to emit radiation. The amount of radiation is enough to stimulate your nerves as well as muscles.

However, whether the radiation is going to harm or affect your body is the answer that we must look for. The truth is that an induction cooktop will always release radiation, which is 50 times lesser than what the magnetic field threshold is for the human body. As soon as you put a pan on the induction, you will quickly avert the entire tension of the exposure. Therefore, in order to have a safe induction cooktop experience, you must put the cookware on the induction first and then try turning it on.

The radiation can also be easily avoided if you stick to standing away from the induction by 1 foot, which is equivalent to 30 cm.

Expert Theory of the EMIs effect on a pacemaker

For people who have abnormal heart rhythms, a pacemaker is what helps control them. To have it installed in the body, the patient will need surgery where the pacemaker will be placed under the skin of their chest. For people who have pacemakers, there is often a worry that lingers. This worry is often related to whether or not the induction’s electromagnetic field affects the pacemaker’s working. Studies show that induction cooktops have no effect when the patients have right-sided unipolar or bipolar pacemakers. However, they must still stick to standing 50 cm away from the induction cooktops.


Induction cooktops may give you an electric shock when you are using a steel spoon to stir your food. But, any sane cook is not going to do that. Therefore, always use plastic or wooden spoons when you are cooking on an induction cooktop. Other than that, there is no harm that can come your way because of the induction cooktop that you might have in your home. So, do not worry about it that much.