Kitchen Chimney Advantages and Disadvantages

Kitchen Chimney Advantages and Disadvantages

Modern homeowners are well informed, and they are proactive in making decisions with the contractor. Most of the homeowner’s base their decision on practical application. There is no doubt that we live in an era where home appliance plays a significant role in our life. But today, homeowners are very particular about what appliances they want to invest in. Every appliance that enters their home should serve a purpose. One such practical and useful appliance that a kitchen must-have is Chimney.

Read on to know the pros and cons of a kitchen chimney.

Advantages of Kitchen Chimney

Here are few advantages of using a Kitchen chimney

  1. Keeps your kitchen clean: Kitchen with tiles and granites is definitely beautiful, but they are hard to maintain in the absence of Chimney. The fumes which comes out of cooking just about any dish can stick to tiles and granite slabs and make them dirty. But with Chimney installed right above your cooking station will ensure your kitchen is free from smoke and stickiness.
  2. Odour –free home: the next significant advantage of a good kitchen chimney is that the powerful modern Chimney can suck up the odour released while cooking. Making dishes with meat and other raw materials releases certain odour which is unpleasant. But with kitchen chimneys, you longer have to worry about your kitchens smelling bad or feeling unpleasant to stand and cook.
  3. Helps people avoid sneezing: cooking with species release a strong aroma. Especially species like pepper and red chilly has a strong aroma that can result in your sneezing. Again with the aid of kitchen chimney that sucks up the aroma instantly will make sure you are relieved of sneezing.
  4. Aesthetic appeal: Kitchen chimney is not all about sucking up the smells or keeping your kitchen clean. It also makes your kitchen look appealing, transform your kitchen appearance with Chimney.

Disadvantages of Kitchen Chimney

  1. Cleaning: Kitchen chimneys suck up odour and grease that result from cooking. Due to this, the air filters of the kitchen chimney become sticky and dirty. You must remove them and clean frequently using proper soap and water solution. Let the cleaned air filters dry before reattaching. No doubt cleaning a kitchen chimney takes time and effort
  2. Maintenance and repairs: One other disadvantage of kitchen chimney is that you need to spend money on maintaining it. For proper functioning of the Chimney, you need to maintain it with the help of a skilled worker. Sometimes it so happens that a chimney makes lose a part of getting broken, these parts need to be replaced immediately for extended life.

Bottom Line:

Technology and lifestyle have merged today. Practical home appliances like kitchen chimney is beneficial in marinating your kitchen. Weighing the pros and cons, one can see that a kitchen chimney has more advantages than disadvantages. The amount spent on maintaining a kitchen chimney is very small in comparison to the benefits that can be reaped from it.