Porcelain: Why Choose This Revolutionary New Benchtop Material?

Porcelain: Why Choose This Revolutionary New Benchtop Material?

Choosing the right kitchen benchtop material is one of the biggest challenges that you will have to face when newly constructing or renovating your kitchen. There are so many materials available in the market, which you can choose for the countertop, and each one has its own pros and cons. However, the revolutionary product in the market – Porcelain Slabs Sydney, is gaining much attention these days, due to its ultra-compact/sintered surface. Also, the kitchen is not the only place where you can use this revolutionary product. This article will give you ample information about the Porcelain Slabs Sydney, if you are looking to install this material in your home.


What are the benefits of Installing Porcelain benchtops Sydney?

The Porcelain benchtops offer many benefits which you cannot find with other countertop materials. They are –

Highly Dense with Less Porosity – The Porcelain slabs provide high density, and are least porous in nature. So, they form amazing work surfaces with a hygienic option to make a great kitchen countertop.

Heat Resistant – The Porcelain benchtops can withstand any temperature up to 300 degree Celsius, meaning you can directly place your hottest of trays or vessels directly from the stove or oven.

Stain Free – The Porcelain slabs are easy to clean. Even if you spill the toughest of the dishes, it is easy to clean this porcelain countertop with a simple soap solution. If you clean it regularly after your kitchen chores, you are sure to extend the glossy touch and smooth finish of the Porcelain slab for a lifetime.

Scratch and Colour Resistant – Due to the dense surface of the porcelain benchtops, they are highly scratch resistant. The porcelain greatly resists heat and UV fading, so they can always be exposed to sunlight, and even used outdoors.

Reasonably Priced – The Porcelain Slab cost is somewhere around the same price as that of the same mid to higher end engineered stone countertop products.

Easy Customisation – The porcelain slabs can be cut into the user’s requirements and neatly installed in the required areas. But, while customising, care should be taken while sizing the porcelain slab countertop and utmost care must be taken even while installing. This is because, of its large and thin profile.

Highly Durable – The porcelain slabs are eco-friendly and highly durable in nature. It is largely unaffected by any wear and tear or any harsh chemicals. Even if you hit it with hammers or blow torches, there are hardly any chances that it might get damaged.

Multiple Applications – As the porcelain slabs are hard-wearing product, they can be used in various areas of the homes, both indoors and outdoors. It also requires no special sealing or treatment, as it is UV and heat resistant.