Pressure Cooker Top Advantages and Disadvantages

Pressure Cooker Top Advantages and Disadvantages

Pressure cooker is an airtight container which seals food in an airtight environment. The pressure cooker does not allow moisture to escape which remains in the food. Pressure cooker also generates a great amount of heat but does not allow steam to escape which is then used in the cooking process. When excess pressure builds up inside the pressure cooker, steam is vented outside through a valve. Pressure cookers come in both electric countertop as well as gas stove varieties.

Pressure cookers are widely used for cooking meals quickly in kitchens all over the world. Both advantages and disadvantages are associated with pressure cookers. If you are planning for a new one see this portal:


Fast cooking – Pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by as much as 70% as compared to conventional cooking. The steam trapped inside the pressure cooker increases the pressure. Increased pressure causes the boiling point of water to reach as high as 121 degrees C. Thus, the food is cooked at a very high temperature without evaporation of water. Heat does not escape the pressure cooker and goes into the food. Consequently, the food cooks faster.

Saves energy – Pressure cooker requires less time to cook food, hence the energy consumed is also less. There is also no need to use multiple burners because pressure cooker is a single pot.

Nutrients are retained – Food cooked in a pressure cooker is full of nutrients. This is because nutrients are subjected to heat for a short period of time which prevents them from being destroyed. Vitamins and minerals deplete when food is boiled or steamed for long periods of time. This is not the case with pressure cookers.


Overcooking – Pressure cooker overcooks food within 2 minutes. People using pressure cookers frequently end up with overcooked food. High pressure easily causes overcooking.

Can’t monitor the cooking process – Once the ingredients are sealed inside the pressure cooker, you cannot open the lid to check the doneness of the food at any point of time during cooking. If you have forgotten to add an ingredient, you cannot correct your mistake after the cooking process has started. Opening the lid depressurises the pressure cooker and disrupts cooking.

Changes in recipe – Recipes need to be modified to suit the pressure cooker. Different ingredients have varied cooking times in a pressure cooker. Thus, you need to take into account the cooking time and make adjustments to the recipe accordingly. There is a learning phase before which you can use various recipes easily in a pressure cooker.