Printed Sarees That Will Take Your Breath Away

Indian sarees have known to be one of the best type of garment that women can adorn, not only in India but all across the globe. The popularity of this Indian attire means that different designers in the country keep experimenting with the designs, the blouses, how to wear a saree, and find out several unique ways in which one can adorn the beautiful saree while looking elegant yet fashionable. In this article, we shall see a collection of sarees that have prints beautiful enough to take your breath away.

Block Print in Sarees:

One of the prints in sarees that you can never get enough of is the block print. The block print is known for designs that speak of both magnificence as well as elegance. The beauty of block prints, especially on silk sarees is actually meant to take your breath away.

Georgette Printed Saree:

Adorned by Karishma Kapoor, the georgette printed saree is one of the best saree designs that you can have in your wardrobe. The saree speaks volumes about beauty and elegance. Karishma Kapoor takes the design a notch higher and you sure cannot take your eyes off her.

Floral Prints on White Sarees:

Talk of floral prints and it is my one of the all-time favorites. This design looks ravishing on the elegant Shilpa Shetty Kundra. She carries the design with utmost panache. In fact, you can also give a modern twist to the saree where instead of going for pleats, you can go for a ruffled bottom.

Prints on Chiffon Sarees:

Chiffon sarees have long been known for their beautiful colors as well as grace. However, in most recent times, these sarees have shown to have a lot of style as well. The elegant prints on some of these sarees are to die for and chiffon printed sarees can make you easily stand out of the crowd. This is another type of print that is sure to take your breath away.

Prints Worn by Kajol:

Well, Kajol is one actress who has been known to really rock her style statement when it comes to sarees particularly. She was seen wearing a checkered saree and looked ravishing in the same. Just tie your hair into a bun and you are all set to rock the saree.

Styles by VidyaBalan:

When it comes to sarees and ethnic wear, one cannot forget the name of VidyaBalan for sure. She seems to have the largest collection of sarees and ethnic wear in the Bollywood community. One of the best printed sarees worn by her was the beige print in which she made her hair into a loose braid.

Sonam Kapoor:

Another Bollywood diva who is known to give her sarees a modern twist with lot of elegant designs on the saree is Sonam Kapoor. She too has quite a good collection of the Indian attire.

Thus, even the modest Indian saree is capable of taking your breath away. You only need to know how to wear the right saree and what would be the perfect design to go with it. Also, choose the right make up and never overdo the same.