Some Most Common Refrigerator Problems You Want To Know

Your fresh foods and foods to be frozen can be stored in the more than sufficient storage space provided by your refrigerator. You can put in and take out the food as needed to make delicious and flavorful dishes for your friends and family. A refrigerator is a must-have kitchen appliance, and its proper functioning gives you plenty of advantages in storage, saving energy, and so many more. However, like with any other appliance, one can encounter some repairs or issues with a refrigerator.

Some of the common issues encountered have been listed below:

Consistently operating or cycling refrigerator

A refrigerator that runs or cycles most of the time can turn noisy. Though it is operated consistently for cool temperature maintenance, this can enhance your electricity bill. This is because a fridge is a power-intensive kitchen appliance. Since a continuous operation can also accumulate kitchen debris or dust encircling the condenser coils of the unit, it becomes essential to cut the power off the fridge and clean and access the coils at times. These coils are generally seen at the fridge bottom portion. To avoid cycling or to run, maintain the temperature to low. If this influences cycling, then it’s ok, but if not, consulting a repairer is recommended.

Noisy refrigerator

If the fridge is making an unusual noise or operating at a higher volume than usual, then the fans may be having an issue. These are evaporator and condenser fans. The condenser cools the coil of the unit, whereas an evaporator sucks air from the evaporator coils of the freezer during the operation of compression. Both of them run simultaneously. With either or both the fan motors running inappropriately can make your fridge noisy. Inspect these fans after unplugging your fridge.

Water leakages

When defrosting drain or line for water supply is clogged, then one may encounter water leakage. This clogging could be due to debris of food particles. This drain can be accessed from the freezer internally. Flush the drain making use of warm water. However, the debris has to be extracted manually. At the back of the fridge, there is a hose for a defrosting drain. Clean the clogged debris by removing it and then use hot water. If the line for water supply is frozen or blocked, unplug and ensure the closure of the shut-off valve. Examine for tears or cracks in the line. If there are any, a replacement of the line is needed. If the block is not due to ice, then a repairman consultation is suggested.


Warm Refrigerator

If one notices the fridge being warm or hot, then it could be due to condenser coils or fan motor of the condenser not operating properly. It is best recommended to consult a professional to get the repair fixed quickly and correctly. It could be not very easy to solve on your own.

Some other issues can be:

  • Accumulation of ice within your freezer
  • Water dispenser not operating properly
  • Increased electricity bills

A properly functioning refrigerator should be ensured at all times. Always choose a good budget refrigerator.  This could be done by personal checkup and consistent servicing. To get optimum efficiency, consulting a pro repair service to fix up the repair correctly is mandatory.