Stainless Steel Vs Glass Electric Kettle: Which is better?

Electric kettles have gained wide popularity all over the world. This is because electric kettles allow you to boil water instantly. Electric kettles are particularly useful for people wanting to instantly make tea, coffee or some other hot beverage at any point of time in the day. Modern electric kettles come equipped with a lot of features such as temperature settings, auto shut off, whistle, etc.

Electric kettles come in steel, glass and plastic varieties. Here we will discuss compare steel and glass electric kettles which will help in deciding a consumer to choose between the two varieties. Find some models here if you still looking to purchase it.

Characteristics of glass electric kettles

Glass electric kettles have good aesthetics and look stylish. They are safe to use and very hygienic. The glass body is transparent which allows you to view the level of the liquid inside it and also ensure that the tea or some other beverage has acquired the right colour. The transparent glass body also makes it easy to clean because even a small stain is conspicuous. The base and the handle of a glass electric kettle are made of plastic or steel.

Glass electric kettles also have some downsides. They are heavy which makes them a bit difficult to handle. Since the material is glass, careful handling is required to avoid cracks and breakage. Improper handling will permanently damage a glass electric kettle. Glass electric kettles also need to be cleaned thoroughly in order to maintain them in spick and span condition. Even minor stains can spoil the look of a glass electric kettle. Finally, the prices of glass electric kettles are also more than other kinds of electric kettles which may not be affordable for many people.

Characteristics of stainless steel electric kettles

Stainless steel electric kettles have robust constructions which make them highly durable. They are available in a plethora of sleek and stylish modern designs. The stainless steel electric kettles are absolutely safe to heat water and other kinds of liquids. No odour is imparted to the liquid heated inside a stainless steel electric kettle. Many new models of stainless steel electric kettles come equipped with removable scale filters which prevent lime buildup in the kettle. The scale filters can be cleaned easily. Stainless steel electric kettles are priced lower as compared to glass electric kettles. Thus, you can easily get a stainless steel electric kettle with multiple features at an affordable price.

The disadvantage of a stainless steel electric kettle is that the exterior of the kettle becomes very hot.