Top Benefits of Using Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Top Benefits of Using Non-Electric Water Purifiers

The use of electricity in our life has played a vital role; almost everything runs on electric power, from charging our cell phone to metros. But there is still a lot of importance of non-electric equipment when power supply turns off. Recently, the cyclone has hit my home town, which led to a complete cut off of power. Those were the hard days we had to live without electricity. But luckily I had an additional nonelectric water purifier which helped us to have the most important thing, pure water. Nonelectric water purifiers are a lifesaver when there is no power supply or at places where power supply is still a problem like remote areas. They can function without depending on gas or electricity. Most of them work on a gravity-based filtration system. Most purifiers contain active carbon which filters pesticides and herbicides from water. Our article describes the top benefits of using non-electric water purifiers.


Non-Electric water purifiers don’t need electricity to run.

Non-Electric water purifiers are unaffected by power cuts, which makes water availability 24*7 at your house. Some cities and remote places are heavily affected by power cuts on a regular basis. Hence, electric water purifiers can be a big problem in those places.

Non-Electric water purifiers are highly recommended for places where water is muddy or have an odor or bad taste whereas UV water purifiers are incapable of removing impurities like chlorine, rust, arsenic, etc.

Non-Electric purifiers are cost-effective; you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to buy one. You can buy a good Non-Electric water purifiers under 5000.

Non-Electric purifiers are environmentally friendly as they can conserve energy.

Non-Electric purifiers come with an inbuilt storage tank.

Non-Electric water purifiers are very inexpensive and are great for people living in rented houses where house owners do not allow anything to hang on the wall.

The Non-Electric water purifiers are easy to install without anyone’s help.

GRAVITY BASED WATER PURIFIERS: These water purifiers are pocket-friendly, non-electric purifiers work well if you get soft water or the TDS level in water is less. Gravity based water purifiers can remove sand, dirt, dust and can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and parasites from water. Water purifier with an ultrafiltration feature and are the best alternative than drinking boil water

ULTRA FILTRATION WATER PURIFIER: They are best for the public water supply. They don’t need electricity to operate; with its thin membrane, it can kill viruses, bacteria, and cyst. It can filter dust and other particles from water.

CANDLE FILTER PURIFICATION: The Candle Filter purifier are non-electric purifiers come with a candle filter that is easy to use. The candles used in them have minute pores which block any larger size particles from passing by to the cleaner water section

ACTIVATED CARBON PURIFIER: This is a non-electric purifier that uses carbon for purifying water. The carbon filter can remove chemicals present in water like chlorine, pesticides and other impurities to a wide extent.


Since, electric purifiers need continuous electric supply and it adds up to the monthly electric bill, non-electric water purifiers can be a great solution to us.