WaterSense technology and Water conservation with Best Handheld Shower Heads

Water conservation and water saving are a must in the current world with scarcity in water resources, water pollution and so on. The benefit is also personal that it minimizes water bills and saves a couple of bucks for you. It is assessed that a billion people have to walk miles, wait in lines and pump to get fresh water in their storage containers and walk back with them to get it to their homes to drink, particularly in certain regions of the world. On the other hand, some people get in right under the tap and take this water resource for granted.

For saving water, people do certain things such as shutting down the faucet while brushing, shaving or watering plants or lawn sparingly and so on. But when it comes to shower, one wants to have the best shower experience to have relaxing, rejuvenating, mood uplifting and yet be affordable.

How to have efficiency, experience, and affordability?

Try a showerhead with high efficiency that shall offer you an awesome experience of a shower and conserve water as well. This is best achieved with Water Sense Program.

What is the WaterSense program

This program increases the efficiency of water at home. This enhances water-saving practices in your home. This program abides with EPA criteria for efficient usage of water with toilets, showerheads, and faucets under the Water Sense label. The product is certified and tested in a lab independently. For water conservation, one need not compromise on the quality of the shower. EPA covers performance criteria to be met with the products that are Water Sense certified for water force and spray coverage.

The criteria are certified by an industry task force and consumer testing.  The task force is a group of stakeholders which includes utilities -water and energy, consultants, manufacturers of showerheads, testing labs and other conservation and water performance specialists.

The showerhead certification needs water performance and efficiency which is assessed through 3 primary attributes:

Speed of flow across a pressure range. Optimum rate of 2.0 GPM at 80 psi.Force of spray – flow power and pressure for good rinsing of shampoo and soap.

Coverage of spray- Distribution area of water

Some other tips that help save water with showerheads as even small and minimal changes can contribute to a difference:

  • Dripping faucets should be fixed
  • Instead of taking a bath, take a shower.
  • Utilizing a lower flow showerhead
  • Operate washing machines and dishwashers just when the load is full.
  • Your toilet is not a wastebasket, so don’t throw in and flush often.
  • Set up local landscaping encircling your home.
  • Clean in garages or outdoors without a hose. Use a broom instead. Use water minimally.
  • Select a recycle car wash.

Water Sense certified showerheads made by good companies meet the requirements and can exceed the efficiency needs as well. Their product designs are made with creative engineering so that the restrictions on the flow of water is minimal. These products save money as well as water. EPA certified products can save water over 2,300 gallons per year.