What is the importance of food scale in kitchen?

What is the importance of food scale in kitchen?

Food scales are useful for a number of purposes. They are useful for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts who want exact measurements of the ingredients for their recipes. In addition, they are also also useful for health conscious people who want to track the calories they consume or the size of food portions. The benefits of having a food scale have been discussed here.

Improves cooking and baking

Food scale ensures that accurate amount of ingredients as specified in a recipe is used to cook the dish. This is particularly useful for complex recipes in which even a small variation in the amount of ingredients can spoil the dish. Baking also requires precise measurements and it is better to use a food scale instead of measuring cup because the latter can give inaccurate measurements. Thus, if you want to measure flour, salt, chopped onion, spices and any other ingredient, using a food scale for cooking & baking is recommended.

Measuring portions of food

Food scale helps in managing the portion sizes of the food you eat. This enables you to control the amount of food you eat and stay within the healthy limit. You can place different kinds of food items on the scale and check whether the weight is in accordance with the healthy weight suggested for each kind of food item. Let’s take the example of chicken. 3-4 ounces of chicken is considered healthy. Place your serving of chicken dish on the food scale and check whether the weight falls within the limit or not. Diet plans specify the portion sizes for various kind of food items. Using a food scale prevents anyone on diet control to make a mistake and eat more than the recommended portion size.

Counting calories

The nutrition label pasted on a bag of sweets, nuts, chips or some other kind of snack gives information about the total amount of calories based on the weight. The weight mentioned is often inaccurate, therefore the calorie count is also not correct. Thus, it is better to measure the weight of the contents of the bag using a kitchen scale and calculate the calories on your own based on the measured weight. This way you can avoid consuming more calories than required.

Easy to use

Modern digital food scales are very easy to use. You just need to press a button and place the food item on the scale. The unit of measurement can also be easily changed from ounces to grams to kilograms to lbs and vice versa.